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ironic... [Sep. 16th, 2003|07:03 pm]
why does such a pissed off journal have to be concieved using so bright a color scheme. i swear to god it looks like mcdonalds in here.

does anyone know what this is for? am i supposed to rant about everything i hate, pine over what i want, or is it just some kind of big fat gray area for us all to pretend we understand in a vain attempt to appear more intellectual than we actually are. just questions.

now, on to stuff i hate:

-improperly constructed guitar hangers
-reality shows
-gary coleman
-political autobiographies
-chicks with hairy lips
-overabundant use of explitives
-dayton, texas
-wasted time
-computer solutions
-country singers
-inbred retards
-being politically correct