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politenausea's Journal

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This community is maintained by lickerish.

This is a community for those of you who are tired of being politely nauseous. politenausea wants to hear about how much you hate the human race and encourages you think of inventive ways to sabotage conventiality.
ad nauseam, anarchy, anorexia is for suckers, aren't people stupid?, being a big bitch., being polite, being sinister, big brother, bitches, blatant idiocy, complainers, conformity, crisis, democracy, denial, dictatorship, espionage sabotage, excuses, hobos, just being, mental illness, nausea, optimism, outcasts, pessimism, poverty, ps and qs, robots, rules, sacred geometry, shaking of the head, social retards, social security, socialism, tssk, uncle sam, uselessness, warfare, welfare, you're a tool