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I Hate-A List - politenausea [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I Hate-A List [Oct. 27th, 2002|05:52 pm]


[mood |draineddrained]
[music |Dave Mathews Band]

Well, I got bored in school and decided to write down what I hate. This is a place to talk about that kind of stuff, so I figured why not post it here...

School. Teahcers that think they know all. Math when you don't get it. Spanish. Hypocrites. Being somewhere you dont want to be. Corny scenes in shows or moives. Parents that think they own you.Extra-help. Fake people. Having to read a horrible book. Being so bored you think your gonna die. Taco-Bell. People who discriminate me becuase I'm younger. Annoying techno music. Butterflies in your stomach. Doctors..they give bad news to good people. People with a short temper. Close-minded people. Gym uniforms. Eye-boogers. Feeling uncomfortable. That akward first kiss. Parents that forget that they were once just as young and stupid as you are now. Food. Tests that you do bad on. Scantrons. Ghetto people that push you around and think they are better than you. Anybody that thinks there better than you. Politicians...there all liars. Those last five minutes of class. Call waiting..I wanna shoot the beep. The akward silence on the phone. People. Society. When your friends with someone, but then poof! Your not anymore. Homework. Break-ups. Planes. When you go to chinese, but your not hungry. 'Do Now'. All-Stars being the new 'in' sneaker. Ugly nail polish. Being ignored. People that do things becuase other people are. Stupid lyrics. Not being able to move from one fret to the other quickly enough. The world. When teachers catch you making stupid lists like these, then threaten to call your mom [mine did]. When people sit on my bed and its not made. ID cards. Pictures that don't come out. Alarm clocks. People with fast metabolisms. Mother-daughter relationships.

Eh, I'm done...for now lol.

[User Picture]From: lickerish
2002-10-28 10:21 am (UTC)
haha. Great list!
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