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I Hate-A List [Oct. 27th, 2002|05:52 pm]

[mood |draineddrained]
[music |Dave Mathews Band]

Well, I got bored in school and decided to write down what I hate. This is a place to talk about that kind of stuff, so I figured why not post it here...

School. Teahcers that think they know all. Math when you don't get it. Spanish. Hypocrites. Being somewhere you dont want to be. Corny scenes in shows or moives. Parents that think they own you.Extra-help. Fake people. Having to read a horrible book. Being so bored you think your gonna die. Taco-Bell. People who discriminate me becuase I'm younger. Annoying techno music. Butterflies in your stomach. Doctors..they give bad news to good people. People with a short temper. Close-minded people. Gym uniforms. Eye-boogers. Feeling uncomfortable. That akward first kiss. Parents that forget that they were once just as young and stupid as you are now. Food. Tests that you do bad on. Scantrons. Ghetto people that push you around and think they are better than you. Anybody that thinks there better than you. Politicians...there all liars. Those last five minutes of class. Call waiting..I wanna shoot the beep. The akward silence on the phone. People. Society. When your friends with someone, but then poof! Your not anymore. Homework. Break-ups. Planes. When you go to chinese, but your not hungry. 'Do Now'. All-Stars being the new 'in' sneaker. Ugly nail polish. Being ignored. People that do things becuase other people are. Stupid lyrics. Not being able to move from one fret to the other quickly enough. The world. When teachers catch you making stupid lists like these, then threaten to call your mom [mine did]. When people sit on my bed and its not made. ID cards. Pictures that don't come out. Alarm clocks. People with fast metabolisms. Mother-daughter relationships.

Eh, I'm done...for now lol.
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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2002|03:39 am]
like, wow man. i love this place. what a killer idea.
the icon is remeniscant of one of my own... mwaha.

ghetto people with cell phones. too fuckin loud.

dress codes/hair codes/piercing codes when trying to get a job. stupid. wh cares if some 64 year old lady is offended by a couple nose rings while buying some plastic flowers to put on her miniature toilet?

people who homeschool their kids and don't actually teach them anything (my parents).

people who try to impress you by trying to be just like you and say the same things as you.

people who put them selves into situations to be persecuted. then bitch about it like the world owes them everything.

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(no subject) [Aug. 23rd, 2002|01:23 pm]

[mood |confusedconfused]

In response to alphekka's reply to mah journal - the goths have indeed invaded my highschool population.


Why is it so in vogue to be miserable?

Hey I tried that whole depression thing, and I don't understand why anyone would willingly push themselves off the edge. They wander around listening to Slipknot and being dark and making themselves bleed and puking JUST BECOS THEY CAN. Why is that so cool? What the fuck are these people trying to prove?


Maybe they've realized that the world is shit just like we did. Maybe they're happy that they can at least have control over themselves even if everything else is beyond them completely. They purposely make themselves different just to rebel against the norm. Yah, I tried that too. It gave me a headache, you guys.

Look gothies and all you other wannabes out there, I just thought I'd share my wisdom. Wait, you have to be old to have wisdom, right? Ok, whatever.. here's my opinion. You're either interesting, or you're not. Can you honestly tell me that you ENJOY what you're doing, this whole faking your identity thing? Sooner or later you're going to have to stop doing things just cos it makes your mama cringe or society look the other way when they see you. You aren't this naturally fucked up, you made yourself weird. But.... why? I don't get it. If being yourself isn't good enough for the people around you then fuck them, cos what have they done for you lately besides call you a loser? Why should you have to prove yourself to them, they aren't doing you any favors. And if you do care, and are doing all this to meet their approval, then I'm sorry, but you are a loser and there's nothing I can do for you.

Let me put it this way: there's always going to be something someone doesn't like about you, but don't let them stress you out. They may think their shit doesn't stink but you and me, we know the truth. They stink worse then the kid who doesn't bathe that sits next to you in health class.
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geez louise [Aug. 13th, 2002|11:17 am]

[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

everything looks so much clearer in the morning light. omg im so embarrassing

i really dislike the way most people view me. i ve tried for the better portion to be "normal" whatever the hell that is cos i really wanted to fit in. ive come to realize there is no normal and people who try to be normal really just seem bizarre. fitting in is overrated. so then i thought hey, let's be unique instead. but you cant try to be unique, it's just one of those things that either happens or it doesn't. it happened to me but i as too busy being normal to notice.

so yeah. now im just weird. is that ok? i like to think so. i dont appreciate when people write me off becos of a pre-formed opinion that they got from someone else. lots of people dont like me - why? cos i stick out. i choose to stand alone, by myself, singularly, without a "posse". and why is that? becos people are idiots. i can handle "person" - one individual that has opinions and isn't a social lemming and is willing to stand up for him or herself. i just can't do "people". thats gotten me into a bit of trouble. highschool is all about people and i just want person. people annoy me. whatever. there is the highest concentration of gullibility and stupidity in large groups of people than in ---- nevermind i have nothing to counter that.

i'll just leave stating people suck. dont be people - be a person. haha, i have a slogan.
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another newbie [Aug. 12th, 2002|09:21 pm]

[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

This community cracks me up. I'm heads over heels in love with the idea - it's about time somebody faced facts and admited the world is a retarded piece of crap.

Humans are a disease. We're raping the earth and destorying it with every breath we take. I wish people would just stop pretending they're "good." We're not inherently good or evil - we just exist. We choose to be good, which I think is hypocritical. Nature is neither good nor evil, it just is, and so would we be if we weren't so concerned with bending the world to our will. Look fuckers, we did NOT create the world, we're ITS children.

OK, that's enough for now, I'll just keep ranting about how screwed up the world is and organized religion is a cult, and blah blah blah.

My name's Erin, I'm 15, and society pisses me off. Nice to have met you :)
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I'm a newbie :D [Aug. 11th, 2002|09:56 pm]
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |Tenacious D - "Tribute"]

I'm getting really tired of being the 'default' friend. The last one on the list for someone to call, when NO ONE else is available. And then, they expect me to just drop everything to do whatever they want. I'm not a fucking puppet. I'd rather not be friends at all if it's gonna be so obvious that I wasn't truly what the person wanted. And then that person literally LOOKS for reasons to be pissed at people. Things like provoking anger or destroying relationships with other people. These are not true friends at all.

I've recently grown to hate a few of my friends' parents. The ones that blame me for their kid being fucked up. Their kid may be my friend, but I'm not responsible for shit they do. Every time I'm over, I am shunned or humiliated by a lame-ass comment like "Oh, trouble's here." or something like that. It's bullshit.

Wow. That felt good.
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(no subject) [Aug. 10th, 2002|11:51 pm]

Patriotic or Not Patriotic - I don't care what you are. What I do personally hate is the phrase "In a post September 11th World". Nothing pisses me off more than that stupid phrase! What the fuck is that really supposed to mean? They have created this idea of a "post-September 11th world" where we must all be more violent, reactionary, paranoid, racist and a slew of other things. Fuck that, I'm sorry but they planned it all anyway.
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(no subject) [Aug. 9th, 2002|11:13 pm]

[mood |irked]
[music |Union Underground - Revolution Man]

...Why the hell are Americans, in general, so goddamned unhappy? Why do they never seem to be pleased with anything? I mean, we have it the best out of the whole goddamned world and it seems that all we tend to care about is ourselves. I was in the store the other day and the woman in front of me had just bought a bag of candy and the kid behind the cash register asked her if she wanted it in a bag (it was just a small pouch of candy) and she screamed at him, waved her hands about, and proceeded to yell at him and ask in an obnoxiously loud tone if she was supposed to carry it in her hands. I just bit my tongue, 'cause people like that piss me off, and I've seen it a lot more lately. Unhappy people generally stomping around and having other people, who have done nothing, be the object of their venting, therefore creating more unhappy people. It's like a fucked-up chain letter, if people have it they'll more than likely pass it on, but why can't people be "unlucky" for once and break it?

And we Americans are so goddamned lazy, too. I saw an infomercial on the TV yesterday for a product that looks like those toys you get at the zoo, the ones with the animal heads on top and if you pull the trigger-thing on the opposite end then the mouth opens and closes. But the infomercial had it where it was a claw-type thing, two *pinchers* that had black suction cups on the end. Now, see, they're selling this like a makeshift hand SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BEND OVER AND GET ANYTHING!! I mean, are they aiming this at over-weight and lazy-ass people or what? Too far away to pick up the remote? Is it just out of arms' reach?! Then buy our product so you can sit there in your stinking La-z-boy recliner, wallow in your junk food, and sit watching the goddamned TV on mute so that you can HEAR yourself getting fatter!! Good God, I mean, I could see it if they had used it as a product to offer for handicapped people, but... I think any person should be able to muster up enough energy to bend over and pick up a sock. Christ.

Bleh. Rant over, for now...
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Drama [Aug. 7th, 2002|04:43 pm]
[mood |irritatedirritated]
[music |"Complicated"~Avril Lavigne]

Would anyone care to explain to me why people like to pull drama into their lives and make it into a soap opera? Does it make life more exciting for them? Does it make them feel like a better person? I think I have missed the point.

I've always been the type to avoid drama. Anyone who I felt tried to make my life more difficult than what it had to be, I would dismiss them. I remember when I was younger, I had some friends that were "Drama Queens" and they'd call me for advice and go on and on about who's having sex with who's sister and this big Jerry Springer show brought to me live.

At first, I would sympathize and offer advice and try to help them out, until it got to the point where I was like, "Look, you're being ridiculous." For instance, they would claim that they have to rethink their life and ponder their entire life because that had a simple crush on someone and felt they couldn't tell them.

I've had crushes before and I was sort of scared to tell the person, but I never let it affect other aspects of my life and never had to sit back and ponder about my entire life simply on this crush because I never let it expand into more than what it was.

And I'm sure the rest of you know what I am talking about when someone is a drama queen and gossip to you about everyone and all that icky stuff. It just gets frustrating. But this is what set me off:

My friend, we'll call him John, had been talking to this chic from Texas for over a year and he started to get feelings for her. I warned him about getting feelings for someone over the internet because things are not always as they seem. He let me chat with her on the phone one time and I told him that she sounded pretty ugly (I was judging based on her maturity, or immaturity level in this case), but then he showed me the picture she had sent him, and it was a hott chic. I usually give people the benefit of the doubt and didn't even think to mention "-G-, could that be a fake pic.?"

Well, eventually, "John" goes to Texas to see her, not a cheap trip. When he gets there, he's looking for someone that somewhat resembles the picture. No luck. Then he sees this obese chic, it's her. To make a long story short, he figures he went all that way, so he was going to get some, and boned her anyway.

Well, John was always telling me that she was a drama queen and he couldn't believe the Jerry Springer show they had goin' on down there. From the trailer park trash to "He's having sex with my wife" stuff. When John got back he was telling me "I bet in about a month, she's going to call and say 'I'm pregnant and it's yours'." And of course, she did.

John highly doubts she's pregnant and she's just trying to play games with him and if she is pregnant, he doesn't think it's even his. He thinks she's just playing her silly little games. And as I was reading the conversation they had, I felt myself getting irritated based on this chic's ignorance and fakeness. (Because if you read my bio, you'll see that ignorance, naiveness, and fakeness are three of my biggest pet-peeves.)

If you would like to read more about "John's" Texas Trip... Here's a link to the first part of the story... It's funny and worth the read... He's probably going to be sending it to a magazine to be published. Texas Trip
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newbie [Aug. 7th, 2002|10:59 am]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |pumpkins-annie dog]

yeah, i hate society as a whole. i can't say much for other countries, but america really sucks when it comes to society. the people here are selfish, lazy, and lack any competence and compassion.

for example, this thing with afghanistan: we have "god bless america" stickers, shirts, etc. plastered all over this miserable excuse for a country. how much more selfish can a nation get? shouldn't god bless the world? why should it simply be america?

not to say i think anarchy should become our government, i think if that took place, this nation would cease to exist. i just think we need to stop being so frickin spoiled.
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